Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Thank you Kenpo Kunga Chodag (Tibetian Dharma Teacher)

“My daily thought Kenpo Kunga Chodag


Realize suffering, Buddha said.


Yes, to consider suffering is a good lesson and a good advice to I thought.

Yes, as the sun rises every day, so does Suffering.  This is the truth. I can’t cease to suffer with more suffering.


Yes, I’m wholly covered with causes of suffering.  And just like me, so are you.  I need to be freed and you too.


Yes, we should accept suffering to purify our negative thoughts and our negative actions.


Yes, we should live with suffering to develop compassion and our wisdom.


Yes, we should befriend suffering, to empathize with all human beings and other creatures.


Yes, we should take all sufferings on us. To realize what can’t be found in any other form of existence, the sacred nature of human life.


So, you should accept suffering, understand its causes and its effects.  Follow the right path and attain liberation, I thought.


I’m living with suffering

I’m practicing suffering

I’m happy with suffering

I’m enlightening suffering.”


Thank you for your blessing on 27 Oct 2009.  I will remember your advice to be honest to parents, honest to spouse and honest to everybody.  I will try to accept that all suffering is caused by what I had done in past life.



Saturday, 26 September 2009

Recent Crazes

Hai... (sigh).. I recently discover some important mails which i couldn't retrieve back after I have my CPU re-formated. Worst of all, recently, jaring email account has been lost!! Might be due to I have not pay for a long long time. If this is the reason, they are just so cruel. should have notify in advance before scrapping off the account.. My PayPal account info is in there... And i wan to get something online with PayPal. i hope PayPal is going to recover and let me reset the login detail. I just couldn't remember a thing at all..

OK.. What is the product that caught my attention? I have just brought a SUPER Japan Piggy Fat Buster Long Stocking (60denier, Nude). Here's the photo. Cost RM55 inclusive of postage. I have large lower body.. Hope that i can reduce some water retention. Furthermore, it is easy to wear this during office hours. Now waiting for my seller, Celine to confirm my payment!! For those who are interested, you can go here.

Ok.. another thing which i want to get is the silhouette slim 'n lift. There are 3 versions:

First version: California Beauty SLIM N LIFT Silhouette Replica, the logo they use are identicle to the 2nd version. Sell at a cheap price, as low as RM30+ and you can easily get those at Lelong/Ebay. Watch out..!! the sellers re using photos and reviews from the original product to sell .. Sizes will vary of course.

Second version:
California Beauty SLIM N LIFT Silhouette. I am not sure where else you can get the original one other than quantum showcase website.

Third version: Best one. But i can't get it locally from Malaysia.. See that there's no fine line in the middle part. And it is more towards flesh like undergarment.

Oh Yeah... Spot the difference between logo in Version 2 and 3. Almost identical right?? Girl within the logo is running while the other one is standing.

huh.. why don't they replicate with closer match towards the third version.. Third version looks so comfortable.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

FW: Worth to watch this how chinese multiply!


FW: Seaweed In Market (Real Case)]]

Beware of CHINA ’S Processed Foods.


Please take note!


A housewife bought 1 bag of seaweed last weekend at the market.   

She cooked seaweed soup last night, but something unbelievable happened.   

She washed and soaked the seaweed, then found the seaweed was different  

from the normal seaweed she cooked ~ even smells like seaweed.   

The  seaweed...............  was made of PLASTIC!!!!!  and made in CHINA .   

The brand name, importer and distributor as per attached photos.









Stocking for slimming

I know i know.. you must be thinking that I am nutty.. But i am so desperate to lose some weight easily.. I have large calves.. I hate exercise and no time for it... Wouldn't it be so nice if i can have better calves by wearing this everyday..??

Monday, 21 September 2009


This is cool.. I personally think it helps a bit to make one looks better & smaller in size.

Spare tyres

This is decent.. I think it's not difficult to wear.. definitely work for my spare tyres..

Something like a raincoat..

What's this for? Is this some sort like a fashion trend?
This is raincoat? Wrong!! This is for body slimming.. The seller recommends one to wear it during exercise. It's made from PVC therefore, will promote heat & sweating.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Ta da.. Aiming for new Sony Ericsson phone

The model is C902 and it has 5.0 mega pixel. This is a revolution from K850i which was obsoleted now as per the Sales Girl at Saberkas, Kuching. It is sold at RM788. I think is quite affordable and from online, i could get it as low as RM700. Part of the reason why i chose this is i want it to be able to post photos to my blog. Hmm.. Wonder how is the phone rate charges per post.

For accessories, i hope to get this bluetooth headset. From online, it's sold at RM133.

VH300 Clip-on Bluetooth™ Handsfree VH300 also RM133.

Gray Hair.. Or Uban?

I have gray hair problem. I found this product which i think is direct-sale product. It is not a hair dye and it claimed that it is able to cure gray hair, hair thinning and dandruff problems. Seems like if it works, it's going to fix my whole hair problem. 100g of UBAN/Ushine cream costs RM68, but 50g cost RM35. It's on sale at Lelong too.. but i think i'll just shop around kuching pharmacy to check out the price.. who knows can be bargained down a bit.. There's quite a lot distributor listed in the webpage.. But as the pharma are not quite famous, i have no idea where there are..

I think if it works.. i doubt one can easy dye their hair in future..

Floating weed for your garden pool

See how tiny this weeds are.. They are just fine for garden pond. I plan to have this at my house. Will rear some longkang fish too.. This is inspired from sister's neighbor.. Like it so much.

There are plenty to choose here. I saw a floating weed from a stall at the Spring, Kuching.. I wanted to buy it. You can't really find this at local aquarium shops and you have to get it yourself from the drains. I don't mind the dirt but it is really indecent for a female to do so.. some more a mother...

Smelly Breath?

I did a research on how to test if you have bad breath. One of the way i knew before today is to lick your tongue on the back of your wrist and wait for a while before you sniff.

I found another way to do this. Thanks to this site. It mentioned that the former method is just to test out the frontier part of the tongue.. For back of the tongue, it might be the actual smell is.. To get this, you need to scrap the whitish stuff behind the tongue with a spoon and smell it yourself..

Ya.. Sometimes, it is just like body smell. It is quite an embarrassing thing. When you yourself immune to the smell. They even have the gadget like Halimeter and Seju Kiss Me Meter to test your bad breath without victimizing people that inhale your breath.

Seju Kiss-Me Meter Breath Odor Detector

Halimeter - what a bulky stuff..

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Dream about Abortion

Just a day before, i dream of having a baby boy. I was so excited. But last night's dream was quite horrifying... I dreamt about pregnancy and i had a baby boy. His eyes were open when i saw the scanned photos. He is fully developed and large even though it is still during my very early pregnancy stage. However, i discovered that there is no movement and so i went to the gynae (female). Doctor confirmed that he is dead. I was so down and i left home, told my grand mother in law about the sad news. She shows no much concern. However, she told me that, grand pa in law said, they just need 4 pair of the shoes that were dried outside the house. The rest can be left outside. When i asked why, she said she only need 4 years to live. The shoes where given by one of their children. Soon after that, I began to wonder have i taken the abortion pill because my mensus has not come yet. In that dream, i was thinking of asking sister to bring me to see doctor again on Sunday. I think this is a strange dream.

I don't like to reject...

if your ex-boss came to you and asked if you want to join him, what would you do? There is high percentage that this offer is not worth considering. And you have your answer in your head.. But at the same time, you are so grateful that he invites. It's so difficult to reject your ex-employer's offer. I'd better think of a way to do so.. If i were to join him, I'll have recurring nightmares... In fact, I have been with him for 6 years.. and finally, left.. I really don't want to trap into the same situations... future, is doubtful.. Anyway.. you can't find any pleasant working place if you still have to work under someone..

Tea & Coffee

"Tea, especially green tea a very useful product that is much helpful in reducing DHT almost by 50%. And adding this in your diet chart helps your hair to keep your hair strong. And also in place of tea you can also have a good strong cup of coffee and can have the same result. (Source: stephen hall).

This is great...!! both are my daily drinks. I am really getting scared of being bald.. Started to earn some gray hair and really don't want to get bald too!!! I'm still so young.!!! Blame it on my unhealthy diet.. I am so like to eat salty food, and especially instant noodles...

I read Borneo Post yesterday and it has an article about black tea. Black tea reduces stress. I'd better get some black tea too. Stress contributes to the hair loss too. And on top of it, high caffeinated drink is what i need to have when i do my works.. i have poor attentiveness and often did silliest mistakes.. i think i have recovered from this "clumsiness" ... since I started to drink coffee and tea daily.. In fact, i think i am addicted to the bitterness of coffee... I like thick hot coffee..

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Can i plant Papaya tree in a pot?

whoa.. let's eat papaya..!!! These are the Hawaiian papaya trees.

When i own my house, i would like to have a papaya tree. But I prefer it to be in a pot, so started to search the web to see if there's anybody planting this in a pot. It's neater this way.. So, this site says "The only other option is growing papaya in a huge pot, and to keep the pot in a heated greenhouse in winter. Still, I doubt you'd get reasonable fruit of it."

Imagine, it remained short, but bears lots of papaya.. Isn't cute?

Banana Flower

The ones in yellow are baby bananas..the pink one is the banana flower. Some called this heart of banana. I think every petals will produce bunch of bananas.

I have always know how does banana looks like but not really know upclose how is the flower appears like.

It's a dish for some.

Indian Style cooking. Check out the recipe too. This bowl of dish has a lot of unripened bananas and what a waste..

Nice Bag

Friday, 11 September 2009

I saw a black sparrow

Yesterday morning, saw this bird. I think it's a sparrow, but it's in black color. It didn't move a bit when I approach it.. It is very tamed. I could see the eyes movement but it just doesn't move. I thought that it might be sick or something.. Doesn't look to me that it is crippled or anything. It seemed perfect, only with shorter tail.

I fed it with rice grain, but it doesn't move a bit too. Usually, birds are sensitive especially when you came closer to them. This is the first time that i see such tame, bird. It jumped away after several minutes, just when i walked off to get my car.

I think it brings me luck.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Contact Lens

It's been few months since i started to use contact lens again.. I am now using daily disposable lens for hygiene concern. Previously, my eyes had infections and they were full of eye boogies.. Yuck.. And had also recently got red eyes problem. Luckily it's cured few days later after visiting the Eye Specialist (opposite MAS office at Kuching).

So, this morning.. i had this question in mind.. Why we have to store lens in a plastic case instead of using glass. To me, glass seemed good. I mean, milk bottles are now made of heavy glass for better quality and hazard control. It's has been my practice previously, to dump contact lenses after 1-2 months of use.

By the way,.. all contact lens users.. found an optical shop.. very generous.. they offer the lens case for free. IT's situated at Tabuan, Near Taka Cake House.. They even helped to change the middle part of my specs which is getting greenish.. Yuck!! hmm.. now it's cleared of debris.. and for Free.. I will go there again to get next pair of spectacles... like their service.. Not like Guan Ho Leong.. Charge this and that.. Everything needs $. and the spectacles selection is not that much too.. Worst of all, expensive some more...

Countact lens case - this is new to me.. the lens casing that incorporates counter in it.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

MBO cineplex or cinema

We went to MBO to watch GI Joe at Spring last nite. I like the environment very much.. Very clean. The counter for ticketing is impressive with the computerized booking and the backdrop resembles the stage-like image.

The carpet is like casino type, as if welcoming VIPs. Greeted by men in black and white, which i think is professional enough.

The only thing that I am quite dissatisfied is the food counter. They are seemed overwhelmed by long queue and thus their attitudes are not so pleasant. Furthermore, there is only 1 out of 3 cashier machines operable. Total staffs who work at that area is 3 which i think should be enough if all the cashier machines are working.

Hmm.. what else.. they have lover seat.. Very comfortable. They are at the very end of the cinema. It's like a 2 seated sofa. Of course, can fit 3 persons, but it's meant for lovers.

Ticket costs RM7 each with free pepsi (a small one).

Did anyone noticed the logo? MBO is a cinema or cineplex? and you can see the cowboy hat to resembles the letter "O" within the logo.

Thumbs up.. It's competitive for Star Cineplex now.. And the cineplex at Crowne Plaza.. should be closing shop now if the environment does not improve..

GIJoe is a must watch movie... Superb

Monday, 7 September 2009

Rambling on Tuesday Morning

I am rambling in the morning of Tuesday. :p  Some people are just so disgusted.  Trained people to do such and such but in the end, violated and said rubbish excuses.  Some people do not really know the meaning and the importance to be humble and apologize for mistake made.  Instead, making dunno and let other to wipe their butt for the shit they have produced.

Conclusion, I hate people who does not admit their mistakes.

It must be blessing in disguise

"you are the first to go in this group" my ex-boss told me when we are having our gathering. I thought that i am lucky to get offer from this new company. As soon as i go, things become shaky with my old company.. Today's gathering, i found that everything is out of place and i just couldn't believe that it is changed in such way. Everybody is facing challenges now.. I am considering the very lucky person. And I Thank God for this blessing.

My ex-boss is as usual, over confident person who likes to brag about anything. This is his plus point that he is so good at winning people's heart. I appreciate that he chats a lot with me tonight. We were never that close before. It's so cunning of me to think that there is something behind this action. But i guess, he hinted me that he needs my support.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Humming Xmas Song

Excuse me.. I thought I heard you humming “Ruddolf the red nose reindeer..” Christmas Song.


It was so funny.. And it makes me happy as well.. I heard this 30+ years old guy humming this song when he is entering to the company after swipe his entry card at the security counter. It’s only 3++ months away before Xmas.



FW: Ever seen a Chameleon up close...interesting!

This is real one, although looks as if it is a softtoy.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse and it's hot dog song.. I just couldn't find the reason what Mickey Mouse has to do with hot dog.. He likes to eat hot dog? What is the connection between hot dog and this Mickey Mouse clubhouse.

Like the song very much anyway...

Disney Cartoon

Ironically, according to biographer Neal Gabler, Walt Disney himself hated the character of Goofy due to his unrealism and lack of human characteristics, and often threatened to discontinue the character (highBeam Research, Inc. © Copyright 2009 from reference.com)

"...Sometimes they gave him bare skin instead of fur complete with human feet with toenails (UGH!!!) " said San Fran Gruuv Fan on 2003-03-02 .

And i thought i am the only one who find this funny. I was watching disney cartoon with my daughter when there is scene showing Goofy is having human toes!! All the while i thought it was a dog. Anyway, cartoons are not so real, eg.. take a look at the human teeth that Mickey has!

Spectacle hunt

This is soft looking one.
Is this nice?

Like this one, but can i get this type of lens with less than RM300?.. Nah.. 2nd look.. I think this spec will cover half of my face. Too Big.

A Rayban Replica. Look nice though.

3D parametric frame designs, adaptable to end-user characteristics (Source: madeforu.info). This is cool, but i think this is not very appealing to me..

Friday, 4 September 2009

KWSP Kiosk is not really available 7 days a week

ARGHH.... Another cincai punya organisation - KWSP. I went to the office this morning (saturday) after checking the web for the opening hours.. The kiosk is not working! The guard said that it's due to the server from west Malaysia not on... WHAT the hell they open the place for? What a disapointment.. this is my first bad experience with KWSP in Kuching..

But good thing is that they have nice/helpful guard.. Am pleased with that..

(Source: KWSP 2009)


Pejabat Negeri dan CawanganAlamat
Pejabat KWSP KuchingBangunan KWSP, Jalan Uplands
Beg Berkunci 2089
93598 Kuching

Nombor Faks : 082-427899

Waktu Operasi Pejabat
Hari: Isnin - Jumaat
Waktu: 8.00 pg - 5.00 ptg

Waktu Operasi Kaunter
Hari: Isnin - Jumaat
Waktu: 8.15 pg - 4.45 ptg

Waktu Operasi Kios
Hari: Isnin - Ahad
Waktu: 7.30 pg - 9.00 mlm

Pelan Lokasi

Hubungi Pusat Pengurusan Panggilan Pelanggan KWSP di talian 03-89226000, jika ada pertanyaan.

Kid Stuff

I think all young toddler should have this at home. Kids are trained appreciate praise/reward by giving a chop either on their exercise book or on the back of their hands. I introduce this to her at home when she's as young as 1 year old. This is a China product which i brought from a supermarket. It's at King Center's Smart supermarket (1st Floor). It is one of the good and cheap ones which i have got so far.. You rarely find a durable item out of China products... In fact the ink are still good too... See the cartoons are of my liking as well,.. cute..

Barley for Constipation

Check out my previous post on BARLEY... FOR.. CHRONIC Constipation

This is not really done yet.. I like it milkier color..

Tips for milk bottle cleaning..

Two bottle brush squeezed into a milk bottle.. More effective than have it soaked in hot boil water, vinegar, or salt water.. :D

Like THIS..
I discover this technique out of frustration to replace bottles every now and then.
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