Sunday, 8 July 2012

L-O-V-E.Nat king cole Olivia Ong 《lyric》

Excellent voice .. Super like this song. >_<

Friday, 6 July 2012

since Jan 2012

Feb ~ May 2012 was a really challenge in my life.  Glad that it was all over.  It was an eye opener and couldn't believe that there's such people. Wish them Good Luck!  Maybe I was just blessed before I joined in this company.  It did kill my confidence level a little during that period but I finally realized that there is nothing wrong with me, just the limited resources that they are facing.  lt's like sticks without carrots :P

Ok, made some charming new friends whom I can spend time with or chat whenever feel gloomy.  I'm all very glad.  and failed in 2 relationships again but I am all fine now. :D Just bored sometimes.   Need to experience it before we can be sure if it brings on happiness.   I just came over a post by my friend: happiness is as simple as to love and be loved.

Life is back into slower pace since June 12 and I am growing lazier each day.  Given up jogging for quite a while and still contemplating on whether to join in the nearby gym.  This gal in my office really motivates me a little in staying up with fashion etc. She's a fashion geek and I am impressed with her social skills.  Do I wanna be like her? No, but I just love her circle of friends...

Still not giving up.. wanting better life for family.  All alone and must do something about it.  Thank God for giving me such good life to start afresh now.  I should devote myself more with temple- spending more times helping them.  These people are trustworthy and I like to be part of them.  

I missed the days with Kuching's Tao devotee and the fortnight lessons.  They are far more professional than here because Miri's devotees are quite new.  I have yet to be full vegetarian but I have managed to keep "dead living things' meat" away from my mouth... for... more than 1 year already...  Glad that my family are quite supportive but I still can't convince them to join me.  and My friends.... they know that they have to check if there's right food for me before deciding on venue for dining.  Wonderful friends - love them ...

Thank God, I shall live the remaining years as best as I could.
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