Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Say goodbye to email overload

“Boxbe uses a personalized Guest List to ensure quick delivery of email from people who matter to you. While other messages are screened, those not getting priority can always be found in your Waiting List.” Source:

Sender will receive an email like such: -


Your message about "RE: Audit report (preliminary): HR process" was waitlisted.

Please add yourself to my Guest List so your messages will be delivered to my Inbox. Use the link below.

Click here to deliver your message

Thank you,

Powered by Boxbe -- "End Email Overload"

Monday, 23 May 2011

how to filter the unread emails from outlook

 “ Hey - that's an interesting request - something I could use as well...I just did it in my outlook.


If you'll click on the "arranged by: date" at the top of your e-mail and then scroll down to 'custom'.


Click on Filter on the new menu and then click on 'more choices' then click on the top item that says 'Only items that are unread' and you should be set!


Hope this helps...let us know...” Source:



stupid father

MACHANG: A 3-year-old girl died after she was left in a car in the blazing sun while her father was attending a funeral at Kampung Morak in Tumpat on Sunday.

Read more: Girl dies after being left in car


For 45 mins !!!!

IIf and IIF Or... Ms Access Statement

Hey,This code works:  IIF ([Contact]=”Owner” OR [City]=”Madrid”,”Yes”,”No”)

This means, if contact is owner or city is Madrid, display Yes.  Otherwise, display No

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Ms Publisher

Picture snapshot can be easily editable via Ms Publisher.  First, print screen and paste on Ms Publisher.  Then it can be quickly saved as images as easy as Right Click>Save As.

Easy edit (border, crop, recolor, resize) can be done via Ms Publisher too.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Revert the display of Ms Visual Basic's display


I am used to the default layout, whereby the project explorer is at the left panel and codes are on the right.  I accidently close one of them and when I reopen it again, it is all displayed as cascade view.


This can be solved by clicking Tool> Options and choose the Docking Tab.  Check on the Project Exporer checkbox and you will find your visual Basic’s project explorer appeared as dockable state.




Never trust odd emails/calls especially from bankers


KUALA LUMPUR: Accounts manager Chua Ming Choo opened a message in her e-mail informing her that there was some irregular activity occurring in her account.

The e-mail told her to click a link to her bank’s website to update her particulars for safer online banking.

Less than five minutes later, the simple mouse click cost her RM4,200

Another victim, Chong Wen Shan, 24, from Teluk Intan, Perak, said he received an e-mail on May 1 informing him that his online services account was about to expire due to a database update on the bank’s system.

Chong said he was asked to update his particulars and being new to e-banking, he thought it was a normal procedure and clicked on the link.

He also keyed in his TAC number when asked and discovered that RM5,000 had gone missing from his account a few hours later.



In my point of view, these are the safest things to do :

  1. For online bank transaction – always go to the website instead of clicking the links in the email.  Links can be bogus and may looks exactly the same in users’ eyes, but actually, it can be linked to other bogus sites that gather all your pins and password info.
  2. Random calls from bankers – always verify the identity of banker – check if they know your IC’s address or current correspondence address or other personal info they ought to know.  Never commit any purchases via calls.  If you are really interested, you can go visit to the nearest bank for these.  It isn’t safe to disclose your card info via calls.



Create Blogger Post via Email

Here’s an easy way to post your post to blogspot. This is helpful especially for bloggers who has multiple blogs to be updated at the same time and also ease a lot when you have multiple pictures to be uploaded.

Furthermore, this method is less obvious if you have prying eyes behind you – that is without the need to log to at all.

As shown in the picture above, you just need to assign the password in between your username and the domain and when you send the post contain, you will need to email it to the email address that you had configured inside your blogger account. Ie. Amandayno.*****

Any pictures can be attached in your email like normal attachment. If you want your attachments to be displayed in a required sequence, you have to rename the files in sequential order, ie. Pic1, Pic2, Pic3.jpg, etc.

This only works if you send email using HTML format instead of the Richtext.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A Rose Among Thorns

This is so meaningful: (Source), I’d like to dedicate these to people who constantly blinded by negative thoughts


“A Rose Among Thorns :

You are disillusioned by the difficult path,

I am attracted by the beautiful destination.”



Sunday, 8 May 2011

Interesting News: New Viagra alternative discovered by Malaysian Pest Controller

Here’s a very interesting discovery from a Malaysian.  He swallow the queen alive? I wonder if there are any side effects. I really wonder how did he discovered it in the first place.  And the worm like queen does looks like it contains lots of FATTY ingredient.  If all men seeking for termites queen, I can see that this bug will soon become extinct and it will be a commit suicide for termite control business.


“Queen termites can make men king in bed, says man.

A MAN involved in the pest control business has claimed eating queen termites can boost the sexual prowess for men. Metro Ahad reported Abdul Rahim Abu Bakar as saying queen termites had special properties similar to that of viagra. He said the bug must be swallowed alive 15 minutes before the start of sexual activity for it to be effective.” Source:


Judy Cheng-Hopkins - top 10 most influential women in UN listed in forbes

Reduce PDF File Size

PDF is the commonly used file type used.  For cases when there's photos embedded in the PDF, file size can grow up to few hundred megabytes.  Zip will not work on images, meaning to say that, it will not help to compress the images.  Small sized PDF is beneficial if we need to have the file emailed.

I have a solution which is to use the Adobe Acrobat Professional Software.  The current version i have is 9.0.  Thi s is also PDF writer and editor.  The pictures below shows how we achieve the compression that we need. 

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Sand Flies

i always thought sand flies would look like below. This type of fly makes noise when it flies and it can fly realy fast. The bite is painful at early stage but itch eventually. they called it the house fly. i would kill it if it is near to me. sometimes i have these at home.

Below are how sandflies looks like. i think it looks like a fruit fly. i was bitten all over by these bugs.

and doctor prescribed H-Cort which helps to stop the itch temporary, like few hours.

Here's how the bite looks like, the itch is unbearable and with burning sensation too..

and i used this repellent Mosi-Guard and it didn't work. this repellant claimed that it works for sand flies too.

Cited from Wikipedia:


Counter-top repellents with high concentration of DEET could work, but may not be suitable to some people, eg. people with sensitive skin and pregnant women. Some alternative repellents to DEET are [1]:

  • Orange Peel
  • Any Citrus Juice
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Avocado oil mixed with Dettol
  • Baby oil mixed with Dettol
  • Chinese herbal oil
  • Essential Lavender Oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Listerine
  • Tiger Balm
  • Eucalipto
  • Vicks Vapor Rub
  • Vinegar
  • Marmite, Promite, Vegemite - anything with high Vitamin B content

[edit] Remedies

There are a number of remedies for sandfly bites. Below are some of them [2].

Pharmaceutical remedies:

  • Calamine lotion
  • Ibuprofen Gel
  • Hydrocortisone cream 1%
  • Xylocaine gel 2%
  • Antihistamine
  • Avon ‘Skin So Soft’
  • Hydrocortisone cream
  • Tea tree oil
  • Essential lavender oil

Home remedies:

  • Baking soda with water
  • Vinegar
  • Aloe vera
  • Toothpaste
  • Onion

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Absolute and Relative Paths



I often get confused with these 2 terms but I knew that there’s a difference between them.


Absolute path eg.

Relative path eg.  If I were to link to this URL from another page on my site, I could link to it in this way: <a href="/library/beginning/bl_begin.htm">...</a> “ (Source: clickhere)


The advantages of Relative path over the absolute is that we do not need to quote the whole domain URL when we do the linking.  This makes web maintenance job a lot easier especially when we are thinking of migrating the domain.





To protect your site being directly hacked, you can actually mask/hide the absolute path.  This site explains it all. 

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