Friday, 31 July 2009

3 + 1

This is my recent favorite show.. I am watching the catch-up movie from NTV's website.. Too bad the movie requires long streaming time.. have to wait so long and still managed to blog about it while waiting for the whole movie to show.

I am not a great cook but i enjoy watching others' cook. This particular show offers some useful advice for people like me. The steps are simple enough to follow. Follow the episode 3, the lady contestant. She is very funny and is a Malaysian Actor. I am going to try the recipe one day.. In this episode, she cooked the japanese style ginger slice pork, "shark-fin fruit" + chicken soup and japanese style tofu + century egg. The materials are simple to get too!!

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Kuching Waterfront (KWF)

Best looking booth - Kraf Malaysia

The Plazas +Haze

This wall art has been here for quite a while. Wonder if they are going to paint it or not. This is nice.

DUN Complex is still the main attraction here. It's gorgeous at night.

ASTANA, Kuching "Astana is the official residence of the Governor of Sarawak, also called the Yang Di-Pertua Negeri. It is located along the bank of the Sarawak River in Kuching. The Astana, which means "palace" in the local dialect, was constructed in 1870 for the newly married Charles Brooke, the second Rajah of Sarawak." (Source here)

It is always locked. I wonder if it is meant for security/lifeguard purpose.

New building is almost done. It's taller than the rest. It was blazed by fire previously. Perhaps UOB is planning to extend their business to here.

Morning view of the booth. Heard that booth rental costs RM50 per day. It's quite hot and they use all sorts of cloth/plastic as shed. But it looks terrible in the morning... It's going to end this Saturday (1/8/2009). This is the first time i see this type of arrangement, causing terrible jam and inconveniences to people who are working or operating business here. Should have place it at the water front path, just like in previous previous years...

Daulat Tuanku... Our Sarawak Cruise and it's not cheap for one cruise trip.

DUN Complex .

DUN Complex - Closer view.

Singapore Commercial played in the cinema

I received a forwarded mail from a friend. It is a commercial by famous singapore comedian. It is recommended that you watch the clip.

This guy is doing his ironing and phone rang. He said "It's over there.. You have to find yourself.. ok.. " hung up.

Phone rang again. He pick up, "I said.. it's over there... you have to find yourself! Use your brain!"

This guy is getting fed up now... See his expression.

"I have told you already.. it's there.. you have to find yourself.."

Back to his ironing . Phone rings again and..


See his face.. and the smoke! So damn funny...!!!

Suffering pain from his right cheek.. the Phone rings again!!! See his hand.. trying to grab the phone.

again?!!! Gosh!!!

This is the doctor.. She can't stop laughing.. And it's funny !! She's just so funny! She told "you have to concentrate, it's dangerous if you don't concentrate".. emm.. what about your left cheek.. what happen?

He explained.. she can't stop giggling..!! and ...

at the end she said.. facing to the lens.. "Don't laugh liau... Off your phone now.. Watch movie liau...."

Friday, 24 July 2009

Sarawak Regatta 2009 - Kuching Waterfront

You can see people, polices around town area. They blocked the way to waterfront since yesterday.. Now tents are put up. "Sarawak Regatta is Kuching's top boat-racing event, and has 15 different race categories. Traditional Chinese dragon boats, along with other colourful models, are paddled through the waters of the Sarawak River along Kuching Waterfront. The Sarawak Regatta is an annual event held at the Kuching Waterfront at the Sarawak River. This year Sarawak Regatta will be held from 31st July till 2nd August 2009." (Source:

I don't like such event at all. There will be huge crowds.. and you can see lots of people, mostly locals and of course, not forgetting the foreigners too. There will be noise pollution from the speakers, peoples, music.. etc. Perhaps, it is not a very good time for such events considering risks like H1N1, Dengue. Yesterday, the authority performed thick insecticidal fogging to main bazaar area. They are really thoughtful but i don't think it is effective. Cockroaches are dying because of this fogging exercise. But it is not working for mosquito.. Maybe they are just too many of them or maybe they are immuned to this fogs.

Ok... Again... No car park.. i think government is expecting visitors to go there by either "legs, taxi or bus".. But night view of the new DUN (Dewan Undangan Negeri) building or complex is appealing. Following is the day view of the complex.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

F*CK U in the ASS

BMW & Madonna

Hermione @ Emma Watson

"Sweet Emma Watson, 19, and her 26 year-old boyfriend, Jay Barrymore are moving in together. Read more on Emma Watson and Jay Barrymore below." (July 2009-Source:stupidcelebrities) . it is a £3million home and the boyfriend is reported as a upperclass banker (Source:

This is her boyfriend as at July 09. Hope that she doesn't end up like Britney Spears.

Flashes her undies

they kissed? :(
Want to know who else she has dated previously? check this out here.

Harry Potter series & Equus?!

Hate this photo. I will not watch this movie called Equus

7 Deadly Hallows

6 Half-Blood Prince

5 Order of the Pheonix

4 Goblet of Fire

3 Prisoner of Azkaban

2 Chamber of Secrets

1 Philosopher's stone / Sorcerer's Stone


This is a non-profit organization which serves as counselor and listener to those who are in despair. "With the assistance of professional psychiatrists and psychologists from University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, The Befrienders KL was established.The Befrienders is a non profit organization modeled after Samaritans, a movement started in London in 1953. Since then, the movement has spread to about 40 countries and now has 300 centers around the world" (Source:befrienders).

I used to look for such assistance where i could turn to. Sometimes, the problems are so embarrassing that you are not able to disclose with your close ones. This is a good place to turn to. They claimed to protect the confidentiality of info disclosed. If you need to find someone to talk to: -

Tel: 03-79568144 or 03-79568145
E-mail us at
Address: 95 Jalan Templer, 46000, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

I thought I always found this befrienders at classified advert section of newspapers. I thought it is just another matchmaking company.

"If you would like to volunteer, or for general information about organisations in other countries please go to the section 'Find A Helpline' to find the country you need. If you're in distress and want to talk to someone via email, please email the Samaritans UK/ROI email emotional support service on, or to find a local center in your country visit our Need to talk pages which detail other organisations providing telephone, email and face to face services."(Source:

Friday, 17 July 2009

Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince

Just watched this movie - 2.5 hours. It's like forever 2.5 hours.. Probably the environment contributes to this awful feeling... Dissapointed with the "hanging" ending. Enjoyed Hermione's part. She dated with Ron and she was so jealous with Ron when he had an admirer. Strange, the movie title seemed to highlight about the "half-blood prince", but at the end, it was this Professor Snape claiming that he is the prince. :p Dumbledore dead in the end. Harry was like so weak throughout the movie, everyone seemed to do more than what he did. Expect Draco to have more prominent role, but no. Oh Ya... Sirius Black is killed at the very beginning of the show.

And so irritated with the Parkson's theatre. So stinky and dirty.. The carpet is sticky too.. can even feel that stickiness with my shoes on. Why don't they clean up the place.. The exit area's floor is wet, dirty and not painted. the aircond is like never turn on.. it's so warm.. We will not go there again.. We had to sanitize/disinfect ourselves by having bath and did my laundry in the midnite!! Who is the owner?! What is he doing? If planning to close down, better close it early. Is there any more competitor around in Kuching?

Majlis Perbandaran Kuching Selatan (MBKS)

Just know that he is our new Mayor :p (Source: mbks)

Item Quantity (pc) Price charged Price per coupon
20cents booklet 20 MYR 4.20 MYR 0.21
50cents booklet 8 MYR 4.20 MYR 0.53
80cents booklet 5 MYR 4.20 MYR 0.84

Finding: the difference if you put coupon and paying at the booth is minor. However, due to rounding to the nearest 5cents, for overparking notice of 53cents = 55cents and 84cents to 85cents. As long as you remember to put the first 20cents coupon, you are ok already.. Unless if you don't want pay overparking fine at the booth, you can put on as many coupons as you with. Condition is that the first half hour is 20cents, subsequent half hour is 50cents and every half hours subsequently 80cents coupon. They also penalize if you put the wrong coupon, eg. to use display 50cents coupon instead of the 20cents. This is quite strange.

I hope someday, they can have this daily usage coupon. They already have seasonal car park, but it is limited to certain places, eg. tourist spots.

It is so trouble some to just keep changing the coupon. This is because, most working people has to park at these areas. MBKS could argue that the intention is to indicate that the space is not meant for single person's use. But this has to have some sort of "adaptation". For instance, places of tourists spots, should put more car park spaces for public use as well as the working people, rather than to impose such troubles to the car owner. Unless they are expecting everyone and tourists go there by taxis or buses or on their feet. Should have thought of some way which makes the payer convenient.. Perhaps a smart card on the car screen?

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Childhood recurring dreams

During my childhood (my preschool time), i used to have recurring dreams of a Chinese King in yellow Chinese traditional king costume would try to rape me. I often struggle in my dreams. In the dream, I was just a small kid while the King is already in his 30s-40s years old. Everytime when I entered in the same dream, I was exhausted and scared of being rape by the King. The rape never really happen in the dreams.
The Imperial Portrait of a Chinese Emperor called "Xianfeng" (source: wikipedia). I dreamt of the king with yellow costume like His.

Another recurring dream during my childhood is having a huge black tyre (like a tractor's wheel) spinning above my chest and it is safocating me. I was very weak. Just recently, my sister talked about her childhood recurring dreams which I find it so identical with mine. She thought that there should be some meaning behind this. This is really strange and what is it about?

My Fancy: Smallest Frog, Guppy Fry @ Baby Guppy Fish

I used to like tiny winy creatures like small frogs during my childhood. The one i found at my late great grandmother's place was about 1cm big. It's just like the picture below (grabbed from National Geographic), but it looks cleaner and green in color. Perhaps the one I saw was not a full grown frog.

Besides that, i also used to enjoy catching tadpoles, small fishes from drain! i think they were cute. I still like small fishes but not tadpoles.. I have heard young children killing tadpoles by squashing them dead.. Very torturing... Sad to hear.

This is the picture of a baby guppy fish. Adult female guppy can be obtained easily from fish shops and a couple can produce as much as 20 fries at a time. They can breed almost anytime. Guppy fry needs special attention, eg. separate them from their parents or other adult fish as they are prompt to dangers like eaten or being bitten to death. It's fantastic to be able to witness the mother delivers the baby one by one... just like a tiny ball out from the mother, and within a while, it moves and turns out to be a baby fish.

Smallest frog (Source: National Geographic)

These are guppy fry.. cute! (Source:

Guppy are prompt to diseases too. I had witness the poppy eye syndrom and parasite which shaped like "dragon fly"/ damselfly naiad, scales out. Scary and hate to see such thing happen to my guppy. Now i have gave up this hobby as it involves a lot of time to take care and the most important thing is that, i can't bear to see them dead one by one.. But i wish i have a tiny pond in future, where i can keep some guppies in. They live well with places with shades too..!

"Dropsy" : scales are protuding. Poor fishy (Source:penycatsblog), but this's not a guppy.

I remember i found my fishes eaten by this tiny parasite (

More disgusting parasite photos here. Hate them all

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