Sunday, 28 August 2011

How to write an abstract?

It has been years since i had graduated. Writing papers to me is just for the sake of passing the examination's requirement. Never have I thought that I would need to do so today.

To startup, i managed to browse to a useful ">article.

Here i would like to summarize the main point which I have gained from site: --
-importance of citation.
-importance of introduction, contents, findings and justification of data
-importance of proper construction of report skeleton

This is just the basic note that everyone should know before even starting to write. Sometimes, as we write and write, we are in fact "nagging" therefore, from this point to that point.. always remember to link to the main topic/objective of your paper.

Good Luck in Paper Writing.

I love Google - because of Multiple signins

I am so outdated. I have more than 1 google account and it's really frustrating to sign in and out every single time. This frustration led me to find for an answer. Hurray, I am not the only one who feel so. And furthermore, they have already did something to it. Yes, You can login to more than 1 google account at the same time. Eg, You can sign-in 2 gmails account at one time simultaneously. This site explains it all. God, I am so happy with evolutions.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

How competitive are you in job market? Get hired tips

I am just wanting to share some tips to make yourself marketable in job database and to make you stand out in billions of job applicants.

1. Impression matters- Cover Letter - relevant to the job description of the mentioned post. Do some research on the company and put some key words there so that it'll impressed the recruitment team.

2. What can do besides your routine job in your present company (if you are still employed)? Would you have volunteered to help out a committee? or to do a Project that is gonna brush your CV or resume? Are you part of the team to solve a 'mystery' in your company? Can you do other things besides what you are paid for? Well, do it rite away. This is some last minute work and will gonna be the key point to highlight your qualities in the job interviews.

3. Are you good in writing, journals, technical paper? if you are, this is the plus to get hired too. Employers like to hire staffs who are skilled and with interested in various area. You can portray the qualities by have them written down somewhere and best if it is publicized/recognised.

4. Are you part of the social member? Charity, Professional Association, etc. Well, the rest.. you should be able to guess what i mean here. if you don't, this point could be written down in your CV too. Impressive biodata. for instance, Rotaract, Leo, Chesire, WorldVision, Toastmasters.

5. Finally, have you tried to contact your University? Perhaps that there's some recommended employers for you. Try talk to them. Browse the Uni's website and you should get some job database. For instance, USQ.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Hi chaps and chapettes

Define Chapette - Chapette means A lady of refinement. A lady with proper manners and etiquette. A Lady who wears dresses and proper footwear.

A chapette must be as proper and mannerly as her male counterpart the chap. (Source:LondonJohn)


Define Chap - Chap means chap n. Informal

A man or boy; a fellow. [Short for chapman.] (Source:Farlex, Inc)


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Story about a divorced lady

I have encountered a divorced woman.  She is unemployed and currently in a relationship.  I should say that the ex-husband is cheating on her and that causes their marriage to wreaked.  She never got to know this affair if it is not her ex-husband who informed her all these.  From my point of view, her ex-husband is not so bad after all, belonged to one of those genuine honest guy but just to stupid to tell it to the wife. 


Due to the betrayal in marriage, she is hoping that she’ll land into a better relationship.  She knew this boyfriend via net.  It is part of my stupid big mouth that got her carried away in net romance.  It worked well and they made it for few years.


But he is belonged to those who likes to socialize.  His work involved a lot of meeting with others.  And she can cope with it.  She is over jealous over smallest matter, about him chatting with other people on the net, facebooking, etc.  I can remember just how many times the quarrel is. 


We’ve tried to become the mediator for last few huge quarrels.  Apparently, it does not work.  She needs help to get out.  Other than throwing advices, there is nothing we can do to get her out of the recurring problems.


She’s not ugly, she is just not confident of herself.  She just want to be cared.


Above all, I hope she’ll realize that if it doesn’t work, she can walk away.  There is no need to pressure both parties with these.  This is all win-win for both.  Never will a person change for u and never will u change for others.  Everybody think themselves as nicest in the world.

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Example of Scam

ricadodavid42: hello my dear,

Is me David Ricardo,

i want to let you know that i have won a contract in your country and i want to come over there to invest for a business and i want you to be my beneficiary to clam my benefit from my business client and i want you to contact my client so he can make the transfer of the funds to you as my beneficiary.

all you have to tell my client is that you are the one to receive the fund from him and am going for a business trip that is the reason why i did not contact him and you will take care of every thing, so you can receive the funds from him

hope you understand what i mean.


Saturday, 20 August 2011

scammers - aware and be protected

There are lots of imposters out there. For God's sake, don't trust any. if they are just too good to be true, they would have not be in the internet. yea.. i mean romance scammers. There shouldn't be any $ involved and there's nothing called LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT anymore... Be educated.

Ban yourself from or other dating sites.

got a picture to share

Since, lately, i am so into chatting. I have been introduced to It's a temporary photo storage and will let you have an URL without logins/registration and you can set an url expiration to that too (30 mins to permanent) or delete the url immediately. Cool n Fuss free. :)

know who are you chatting with by locating them

IP Lookup powered by a href="">Find IP Address

This site allows you to key in the ip address / Internet Protocol address of those whom you want to check on. as there are spammers around, just a quick filter check if they lied about their location :p

As long as they are not masking their location, you will be able to detect them pretty easily
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