Thursday, 31 March 2011

Conditional Formatting in Excel

This is when you have a set of figures and you would like to have Ms Excel to auto format them with given conditions.


Step 1. Highlight the set of figures, Go to File à Format à Conditional Formatting

Step 2 Define the conditions you want, eg. For figures more than 300, I would like to have it colored.

Step 3 Follow through the steps in the pictures shown and you will get the conditional format you want


You can add more than one condition too when you do the conditional formatting in Ms Excel.

How to retrieve "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc" from a given date in Ms EXCEL?

  1. definition: - [$-F800]dddd, mmmm dd, yyyy

  1. Eg - Friday, April 01, 2011

  1. Therefore, dddd represent the ‘Friday’ , while ddd will represent ‘Fri’

Step 1. highlight the cell containing the date you want to have it formatted

Step 2 Right click on the cell and Format Cells à Date à Choose the one with “Wednesday…. March dd yyyy”, Press OK

Step 3 again highlight the cell containing the date you want to have it formatted

Step 4 This time, choose the Custom from the Category and edit the TYPE box to be ‘ddd’ if you wan the output to be Fri, or ‘dddd’ if you want the format to be ‘Friday’

Alternatively, we can have below in Excel =+TEXT(WEEKDAY(CellLocation), "ddd")

Friday, 25 March 2011

KTV 陶吉吉 愛很簡單 MTV

陶喆-天天(David Tao - Close to you)


this song reminds me of the happy momeent during teenage. everything seems carefree.

陶喆 - 沙滩

JJ Lin Jun Jie - Sarang Heyo Zhi Dui Ni Shuo MV



How would you define a perfectionist? Here's what i think:
- dustfree and clean
- organized
- high expectation
- stressed over minor issue
- require acknowledgment of others
- labels everything

Advantages of being a perfectionist, they can be already reliable and dependable. You can count on them and they make sure that nothing went wrong, unless it's unforeseen. Bosses love these people.

The cons are if you were to be their friends or someone close, you will feel the stress too. They are demanding and result oriented and subordinates hate them. and due to the reason that they are organized, their secrets/strategies are very likely to be exposed. and usually they will not be able to settle down easily as they set high expectation on their life partners.

How should you live with a perfectionist? you first, have to understand and tolerate with them. If you are too a perfectionist, i would not think that it is much of a problem. But if you are not, then voice up the concerns and impact. Not all matters need to be perfect. Certain things will be simpler if we put down less concern. The output will still be the same. You don't have to follow all the rules/procedures to be rightful person.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Hyperlink problem in Excel


I found that whenever I save a file in a network folder. Eg. \\abc\def\123.xls

And in that file, I tried to link to a path eg. \\abc\xyz\456.xls

When I used the normal Insert Hyperlink function from the menu.  Saved it but later when I open it again.  There’s an error “The address of this site is not valid,  Check the address and try again”


Then when I open up the Hyperlink dialog box, I noticed that in the address box (circled in yellow), the path is automatically translated to relative path (../456.xls) instead of the absolute path (\\abc\xyz\456.xls).  I tried to add a double inverted commas before and after the path but it fails.


Attempt to solve the problem:

So, I also tried to use the built in formula =hyperlink(“absolutepath”). It doesn’t work too.. still it fails after I reopen the file again.



Mystery solved at last

Then, only I realized that I should not ignore the label part (the friendly name) of the hyperlink formula.  =HYPERLINK(link_location,friendly_name).  And Yes, this solves the problems.






FW: How to open .db file?


I learnt today, that in order to open a *.db: -


1. We can use Database Tour software to view this. (freeware)


2. Alternatively, if you have Borland C++, we can use Ms Access to open it.




Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Negative thoughts

"negative thoughts are not just the work of our brain. they also have something to do with our disposition and personality. our particular disposition is informed by our experiences. if we have bad experiences on certain occassions, we often think negatively when we encounter the same things. as to personality, there are simply people who think negatively. that is their way of expressing themselves. so when you want something to be done, try to avoid negative people. although there is a value in trying to see it differently, you won't get inspiration from the negative thinking people. you my get clarity of mind and ideas, but inspiration, i doubt it."

"Everything negative comes about because of sin. The way that I deal with negative thoughts is by questioning them. If we don't question them, but take them as fact, they can cause all sorts of problems in our lives.
Some of the problems are depression, low self-esteem and anxiety. We must question the validity of a thought. If it is not true, we must turn it around and say the opposite and see if that is truer. "


Someone important in mylife is far away from me

Saturday, 12 March 2011


"Enough is Enough". This is the one word - so meaningful to me. I felt lucky today cause I watch Bella today. It's about a survivor of a marital abuse. Every woman has to know, when is the right time to walk away and to move on. I agree every word she said, every one of them. I admire her courage and I know I will be like her one day - finding some light in my life soon.

They played this song right after the show. I think this is really meaningful and I would like to share this with every woman out there. We women, need to know when to stop. If the abuse happens the first time, it will only get worst not better. Think about your future, think about your child's future. Walk away even if it is difficult. And if you know your friends/relatives are having such problem, talk to them and help them, instead of silence. Whatever the reason of abuse, women must not be the victim. Whatever the reason for abuse, you have to help them.

I hope every women stands up and walk away, just like what Nur Ain said.

Monday, 7 March 2011


Gmail accidentally resetting accounts, years of correspondence vanish into the cloud? (update)

Gmail Account closing in 48 hours?

I also received the following email today.  I noticed that there's others who are getting this email too. and conclusion is that this is just another phishing method.  It does look seriously genuine to me at first: -

We are shutting down some accounts due to congestion in our database system and your account was chosen to be deleted. If you are still interested in using our email service please click reply and fill in the space below for verification purpose:-


Note: This email is only for Gmail users (Users should reply within 48 hours to avoid "Permanently Lockup" Account)

Thank you for using Gmail !

The Gmail Team

Job Scam Alert from Jobstreet

This is from the jobstreet. All jobseekers watch out.

We've noticed an increase in the amount of job scams recently. Scammers are pretending to be reputable Multinational Corporations, including Oil and Gas companies, and sending jobseekers an email confirming how they have been accepted for an interview overseas.

This would of course cost money to the jobseeker (air tickets, lodging, food etc.) but the letter states that the company is willing to ‘sponsor’ 100% of the jobseekers’ expenses. The catch? Jobseekers will have to pay a ‘refundable’ deposit of USD$100 upwards. Needless to say once that fee has been paid, the victim realizes that no flights or lodgings have been reserved and that the interview offer is false.

A sample of communication emails from scammers, including screen shots, can be found on our JobStreet Forum at

Check out our Community Digest at for more examples of common scam tactics.

We also have a Safe Job Search Guide at with further tips and guidelines on what you can do if you do come across possible scams.
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