Saturday, 21 August 2010

Can't help it. It's available free...

I came across this ad that claims that Mike the nutritionist/personal trainer found an unusual way (pill free) way to lean body. The ebook cost $39++ but now it's available for download FREE. Check this out: PDF

Tea and period

Accidently, i have discovered that my problem of little blood discharge during period is solved by just drinking tea - Mayang, Boh or Lipton works for me.

But i was warned by my mom not to do so. Tea has cooling ingredient and may cause the body to lose excessive blood.

I did try to take chinese medicine before to see if my problem can be cured. The chinese physician commented that i have weak(cold) liver problem and also this is also link to my constipation problem.

But it was disturbing that my lady towel never get to wet each month. And i was getting brownish discharge during my period as a result of hair wash and stay in aircond. Chinese believe that during period, we are not supposed to wash hair. That contradicts with what english ed doctors said.

I googled if there's link between tea and period related problems. I found some eg. Parsley Tea (use to induce period), green tea (period irregularity), herbal tea (reduce menstrual cramps).
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