Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Better solution -neater menu for your website

Did you just bump into my site just because you had search for the term - free flash menu for website ? i spend several days (not 24 hours), but several attempts just to try out the free menu builder. Those free ones, they inserted an advert together with the SWF. Or some with watermarks until you decided to purchase it. To do it yourself, you will need some time.. but flash output is nice.

However, some browser without flash player, unable to view the SWF and usually take more time to load than usual HTML. I found a that There's simpler way to it. using CSS script.

Tested it and it worked and best of all it's foc. and this is one of the provider.. Nicely done. Thank you for this good stuff and i am sure a lot of people are benefiting from this. The edit can be easily done via frontpage and you just need to upload and viola..

I have a web project lies ahead.. i am lazy to begin doing it. i'll look at it again when i am better.. I'm sick now.. huhuhu

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Free Flash Menu Builder

I spent whole afternoon trying to get a genuine free flash menu builder.. So far they are craps.. Now trying via http://download.cnet.com. At least it is less infected site for me to trial and error with the downloads..

I know a bit a bout menu creation. But just to lazy to do it for now. I rather get it done easier than to flip back all the tutorials.. feeling Lazy.

A4Desk is quite a good one but "Price: Free to try (Watermark on output) $39.95 to buy "

An extension of it is the menu builder. Cool but hate the watermark

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Breast enlargement quick tip

Wow.. this is revolutionary bra.. from cup A to Cup C just a switch of a button.. grow like a balloon and hope it doesn't punctures.. it'll be like one papaya, and one raisin. LOL

Motivation for slimmer body

Easy way out.. Green Tea.. read this article more and you will be motivated to drink it at least 5 daily..

It claims that it will mildly suppressed your appetite as well as increase the metabolism rate with less effort..

Now.. which type of green tea is good? Well those cheap ones are usually in tea bags. Mom said that manufacturer usually grind the poor quality ones and keep in side the tea bags.. if you can afford better quality tea.. usually selling at higher price.. get the loose type.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Cure constipation right away...

Prunes and Potassium works well for my daughter. She usually drinks diluted prune juice (sunsweet works better than del monte's). i guess the fiber contents does not help perhaps there's other ingredient in sunsweet that makes it work better.

Second method is to take 2 glass of honey in the morning (before breakfast or after breakfast). This honey contains potassium. I am now wondering if all honey contains potassium. This website suggests that potassium will work for constipation. by the way, highly recommended - the leabrook farm's honey

Tonsil infection

I had been down with tonsil infection. It was my first encounter. High fever and cold but with mild irritation to the throat. I witnessed myself the infection, it was like whitish wierd stuff hanging at both wall of my throat. Doctor recommended that I should remove it via operation if the illness occurs frequently. And i thought it sounded serious so i googled to get below info.

Mine is not so easily removed as this one in the video, so i guess my infection is not like the cheesy stuff mentioned by this fella.

btw, there's several article which said that tonsil like the below video causes foul smell.

I tried to remove it using cotton bud but it's sticking very tight like ingrown stuff. Doctor briefly explained tome that mind is sort of pus.

After administration of medicine,stronger antibiotics and painkiller pills, i finally got better.. Besides i do take some herbal drinks, which help the healing as well, my body was too heaty

Friday, 12 November 2010

how do you view docx files using office xp?

just need to download a freeware at http://www.tech-kb.com/how-to-open-office-2007-docx-xlsx-pptx-files-in-office-2003.

then when you have done the installation, you'll be able to open any docx or xlsx or pptx with your existing microsoft office version.

That is better than upload to google docs and view in online. save more time...
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