Monday, 31 August 2009

Barley cures my constipation

I have been suffering constipation since years ago and it got worst after my child birth. I have restless night and furthermore, i have hurry syndrome. Sometimes, i just forgot to go to the toilet for big business. Daily stress does contributes to that too.

I take little meat and consumes as much as vege as i can. I drink lots of water daily too. The only thing that i could think of may be due to lack of exercise and minimal fruits intake. I prefer vege more than fruits.

Until just recently, I take barley drink and it works. And it helps my baby's bowel movement too. For those who are having bad constipation, you just got to try this cheap method. You have to take more barley grain and not just the liquid.

For me, it's so easy to prepare. I just need to soak it overnight and kept it inside my slow cooker, and the next morning, just turn on the slow cooker and let it boiled for 4 hours and add sugar. It's so easy. however, I can't do this daily.. just have it during the weekend.

I wonder if it is true as my sister said that, woman cannot take this too much. it's not good for ovaries.

Golden Key?

This is the first time i heard about Golden Key. I received an invitation letter from both Segi and USQ to join this membership. It says that my academic achievement qualifies me for membership of the Society. At first, this looks good to me. And i knew it.. there's fee for it. Nothing comes free.. Once only induction fee of $95.00 (incl. GST) for lifelong membership.

I am delighted to know that i am in the top 15 percent of USQ across all faculties. :)

I am still considering and the dateline is 13/9/2009. $95 X 3 ~ RM300. Is it worth it to get this membership for some "highlight" to my CV? Will i need it in future? My husband's does not seem to agree about it.

I agree with the point of view of this Ausie blogger that this membership will only benefit those who are just graduated and looking for jobs. Well, I am already a mother and i have a job now, i guess it is not right for me too.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Was I running out of luck?

I just couldnt believe it. This happen to my precious car. The first car that I bought for the past few months. It was hit by a drunker. Who should have been dead!! I wan to kill him for this. Why on earth you need to speed drive in the middle of the night and worst of all you are drunk. Don't you know people are saving hard for this new car and you knocked it just so easily with your damn car? This "should have died" guy is even a father to a 4 years old. Better go to hell.

And he thought he could just run away after hitting down my car in the middle of the night. I was lucky to have passers by to witness this accident - hit and run!! Also lucky to hunt him down. I am getting angrier when i recall this. I was awake the whole night and couldn't sleep back and i had to run here and there to make all the things work. And above all i need to be carless for few months. What a jerk he is!! i hope he is dying now!! I really have no mood to even touch my favorite computer for few days until now.

The photos just shown the back of my car. Front part was also terribly knocked against the bins. My car radiator leaks and the car just couldn't move...

Life has been getting darker and darker. What else huh? I hate to be like this. Rich young man ruining people's life by car speeding. Who the hell he think he is? Fuck some prostitutes in the middle of the night and start banging people's car? Can somebody please get him a life sentence for this?? He is the damn Ashole, shortie hotdog that owns stupid shop called "Siam Company" at Carpenter street. He was driving stupid QKS9229 Toyota Camry White. Nam S**n is the jerk's name. I wish him Dead!!!

I really want to kill him!!!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

FW: ***SPAM*** (Recent Notification) Unauthorize Access Discovered ,

There is a lot of spam emails in my Jaring account. I wonder why Jaring is not doing anything to stop it. Or maybe they have, i am not aware of. It is very disturbing, you can get as high as 10 junks a day. I find a lot of emails about viagra. The sender must have thought that I am a male. Recently, I received bogus email from maybank. It may look real because it has the "" domain. FYI, the email address of sender can be made up. There is no assurance that this email address exists anyway.

When you scroll a bit further down. There is a hyperlink. This link brings you to this actual url: You can investigate yourself by checking out the real hyperlink. The "" is the text displayed in the email - can be of any free text. IT people will know about this. Nowadays, we have to be careful with what we do on the internet.

||-----Original Message-----
||From: Maybank2u Berhad []
||Sent: Tuesday, 11 August 2009 7:31 AM
||To: ***
||Subject: ***SPAM*** (Recent Notification) Unauthorize Access Discovered ,
||Importance: High


||We have recently discovered a virus used by Maybank2u unauthorized users from 767.998.121.12 IP,

||Kindly protect your account with Maybank2u Now by confirming verifying your account with a verification ||code (TAC) this will be send to your phone automatically from Kawanku SSL server,

||After you have been successfully confirmed an antivirus will be download on your system to protect ||Unauthorise access to your Maybank2u Account,

||This message comes to you from Maybank2U Security Department.

My Blender cum Dry Mill

Husband bought this at Saberkas Ngiu Kee and it costs RM90++, There is another type of blender which the sales guy said that it is of same function which costs RM68+. The only difference is that the RM68+ unit is a new one while the more expensive blender has been in sale for quite a while. Actually, we are discussing whether to get a blender or a juicer. Of course, blender can be for multipurpose, from grinding dry stuff to juice.. Most cafe/restaurant prepares fruit juices using blender. But i think in terms of nutritious retain, juicer is better. Blender gets hot after it is used for a while.

My first try is to grind my psyllium husk fibre. From internet, i found that it is more efficient when it is in powder form. It's not that fine but can see the grinding work done. So, I am very pleased with the result of my first try.

I have been planning to make juice out of it. I browsed from youtube for banana milk shake. I would need banana chop in chunks, milk, vanilla flavored/plain ice cream. I think some ice will be perfect. However, as i checked throught the manual, it says, ice cube will need to be placed a cube at a time. It is to protect the blade.

Anyway, you can get cheaper Akira brand blender from Giant at Parkson. It costs as low as Rm58++. But there is some risk to buy electronics appliances from a general stores without a personalised sales guy. In the case of support is needed, don't know who to look for!!

Monday, 10 August 2009

Rain finally...

1. These are super cool water (cloud) below 30 degree

2. Seeding with plane

3. Material used - silver iodine dry ice salt

4. Freeze and attraction. Cloud becomes heavy & ready for some rain

Our Dr George Chan said that cloud seeding will be performed on Monday 10/8/2009. It starts pouring after 11pm. What a relief.. I can still hearing the storm now.

Out of curiousity, i decided to learn how does this cloud seeding works. It was said that it is expensive and not guarantee it will rain after this exercise.

Watch the full video below at youtube: -

I hate phone calls too

I thought I am very odd. I hate to receive phone calls. I don't know how many phone calls average per day, but for today, i get 3 phone calls. When i am on leave, even though I am very new to this company, i get phone call from office too.

I really share the thoughts of this blogger. It is already very hectic day and all I want is a break! People are queuing up to take bits of my time. I will often swore the caller who called me before getting to the phone to answer it. Most of the time, when it is my family members, i would throw anger at them by scolding them. I know this attitute is no good but i just can't control my anger. I really hate phone calls and i get to do things for every phone calls received. I already answered too much phone calls at work.

Just recently, i realize that i am getting not too normal. I have been hiding myself from people around me.. hunger for peaceful life. It would make me a happy person if i don't get any calls without turning off my phone. I only reserve phone for emergency calls by my family members. When i had received phone calls especially from my in law, and i had to leave it rings until it stops because i just don't want to talk to them. Can't they give me a life after work?

I choose not to bring phone along if i can. "Getting a phone call to have a nice chat is, of course, touchy. Otherwise, it's nothing but disturbance "(Source: Leonie)But i have to, sometimes, it is for emergency purposes.

For me, phone is good for task reminder, info storage and to make/getting emergency calls. I hope i can bar my phone from the pestering, disturbing callers. You can filter unnecessary phone calls through softwares eg. here. My pda phone needs a bigger sim card to support this software. I have been deferring the idea of buying sim as this phone of mine is rather old and it is more useful to buy a new one.

Right now, i just hope that more people will start to respect other's privacy. When people delibrately ignore your calls, it means that you are not welcome to call.

Newly recruit

- go through a lot of confusion
- go through a lot of challenge
- go through the art of socializing
- building up foundation
- not sure of everything
- asked about almost everything
- have to be extra-friendly to everyone
- A lot of "please & thank you"s

- appreciate 100% guidance
- blaming others for the fault that is encountered
- causing disgusts to seniors
- worship seniors
- hopes for some changes after services is confirmed
- adjustment to everything
- dying to impress
- highly viewed as the last resort of resource when all seniors are not around
- doubt in everything that is done
- vague
- hated excessive unnecessary monitoring
- always told not to "assume things" but if you are not assuming things, you tend to ask. And when you ask, someone is going to be very pissed.

Saturday, 8 August 2009


You are trying to reduce stress and balanced your priorities.
You have lowered down your expectations and eliminate some potential disappointments.
But people are demanding for your contributions.
Accidents occur and you are blaming yourself for the ignorant.
You don't want to keep pushing yourself to the limit.
You have your priorities.

You have to be self centered.
You need to understand your needs...
You wonder why is everyone enjoying their life, while you are in miserable thoughts.
You want to runaway from this mess.
Even you struggle through your dreams..
You want no intruders.. You want to hideaway from everyone.
You need a break.
Have a Kit Kat?
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