Friday, 11 February 2011

word from to-be divorcee

This is the day. When things are finally agreed after long struggle. Thanks to Smart Keylogger. I've learnt that what this fellow did. I am sleepless and it's 4.47am. not thinking about that freak but I am quite worry what future will bring myself and my lil princess. I am sorry for her for this marriage mess but it will be for our better future. I now have a wish-that is to end this and settle down as quickly as possible. I wish we'll leave this piece of land for good soon.

It'll be VERY difficult for me to trust any male.

I have been so aggresive to this fellow eversince he abused me in front of my daughter. and i can't forget what his parent said and did. I'm learning to be more protective. I think i have return it back to him with "interest". and it relieves me a little. I am so eager to make this pain stop forever. I will be happier after this for sure.

I should be sleeping now. and continue the battle tomorrow with the terms.

Wish me luck.. I need some mental support. but i hate to involve my family in this mess.
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