Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Meeting objective

I encountered someone who doesn't read email. I expected this manager to understand the problem by forwarding him the email trail. And i expected his subordinate ABC (since ABC has concern and ABC wanted a discussion and ABC wanted to invite his manager along to the discussion) to have let the manager understand better of the situation before entering the meeting hall.

It turn out badly from my perspective:-
1. Spending most time to make the manager understand the problem. Humiliated by the manager because i was not specifically answered his question.
2. ABC is not saying anything at all about his concern and throw the ball at people who arrange for the meeting.

So I learnt: -
Make people understand the motives of meeting and bring up the problem. Make them understand: WHAT is the PROBLEM/OBJECTIVE, WHAT is PROPOSED SOLUTION. Call each and make them understand and do not expect they understand..

Now i expecting some rumours getting out due to his messiest meeting. and I am the one to be blamed. No one will always defend you if you do not stand up yourself.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Lack of Motivation

Why not visit the new share portal.. This is virus free. I had downloaded useful motivation in audio format. I find Tony Robbins work is fascinating. His work is about self help.

Then i came across an interesting subject "Make friends and influence others".. Its hours of listening... but has pointed out several good points. But a bit long winded with "so&so quote this and that.."

Friday, 17 December 2010

Language help

found that i need some add-on while i browse over the internet. and good to enhance understanding and vocab. here's something i downloaded today. Wikilook! Review: this is cool.. you can highlight any text on mozilla.. together with a CTRL button.. it'll define the highlighted text without you needing to refer the definition from a new window... It's clean.

Wikilook had somehow mismatching the text and definition. It is to me as if an advertising tool and bring user to misleading info. Babylon Word Search is good.. try it..

and to get pronounciation right... i downloaded the Pronounce 1.4 add on.. You just right click the highlighted word from your firefox browser and it'll pronounce it for you.. But only one word at a time.. Cool ..

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Gmail in Microsoft Outlook 2002

I did the configuration to allow me to read Gmail in my Ms Outlook. THere;s so much advantages to use OUtlook -for instance: -
1. allow you to get info like when the recipient read your email
2. allow fast delete. Gmail in web browser's list is limited.

There's a tiny hiccup. I am getting an error message that when i am trying to move the email into one sub folder in my inbox. It says that i have to do this online. So i found the solution after searching the web.. It was a microsoft moderator who give a workable solution for this. It is because of the 'Work offline' under the file menu. You just have to uncheck it or if it is already uncheck - try to check and uncheck it later.

Life is so easy ... when you can delete all the junk mails with few clicks rather than the painful task using the internet browser
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