Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Working in a DOG EAT DOG world

Lesson that all employees to learn and take note …


It’s not always good to share experience with others when others don’t bother to share theirs to you… Why do you need to share this point of lesson learnt and get all the critics while others able to benefit from it and having a clean record always….  It appears that you are always the only one who is doing new mistakes.


But it’s hard for me… I find it a must to share.  This is why I am a little depressed whenever I made a mistake while other said, “yup I know this before, I thought you would know this too.” It is obvious that I don’t know before hand…

Born to be SuperManager

He is born to be super manager… I learnt a lesson today…


Problem: -


-          Other party’s fault, I am requesting his concern to cover up the mistake since I am babysitting this project.


Before requesting his opinion: -


-          I’m saved from this. This is not my fault.  

-          I hope we can cover the mistake as far as possible


His remarkable statement: -


-          I’ll agree to save this disaster

-          I don’t want to blame anyone as this is system failure

-          How should we prevent this?




  1. He is deserved to be respected. He knows what happen and orders his men to work together to save the disaster
  2. Indirectly he is pressuring me to take part to prevent this mistake in future.  I should double check when I get a customer request with others.
  3. yup, I agree that this is the right corrective action but, right now, hard to ‘swallow’ this as I have no idea what is the other party doing…











Sunday, 27 June 2010

MROUND from Excel

Another just discovered built in function of Excel.


I think this is useful for all that works with figures… like myself, I am exploring this function when I try to create set of numbers with a multiple of a required figures.  Eg. To simulate data for production, your company will have minimum figure to start.  Eg. Might be a multiple of 100


So, to tell excel to create multiple of 100 figures upon your computation/eg. Proportions, you can use this formula.  It’s =MROUND (“calculations here”,100).


This is a helpful discovery for myself.  I am not sure if it’ll benefit you.

Thin Hair

I have thin hair problem and i don't know how to style it. I amazed with people who has great bangs and get to know that the fringe look that i admired is called the "sideswept bangs". I like this youtube clip, it's a quick fix.

Now i am going to get a moose.

Love it.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Word Challenge Cheat

Facebook games can be quite frustrating.. I am the type who will seek ways and means to cheat and get high scores. when i did it, i will stop playing it. Or else, it will haunt me.

This is word challenge cheat. I think it's cool.

So too facebook game fans... i hope that you won't get annoyed at this post. I love to cheat...:-O

Thursday, 24 June 2010


VLOOKUP is the most convenient EXCEL built-in function.  However, this is also the root cause of slowness in EXCEL where we need to wait for the auto-calculation to completes.


Seems like no constructive solution.  My practice is to off the auto-calculation before opening the problematic files (going to Tool > Option > Calculation > Manual Calculation). F9 when you want to re-calculate, and turning it ON again when finishes using the problematic files.


Another way, is to see whether we can substitute VLOOKUP with simpler excel functions.  Just no idea how to go about yet.  Arghhh…

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Old time fav.

Enya... sail away sail away...~~~ I like to sail away too..

forget about the stagnant mario image. By listening to this clear music, i think it calms me.

Definitely the best .. must listen. My Heart by Sissel.

soothing music

I never thought that great music came out from this traditional musical instrument from Sarawak, better known as Sape. I forgot my history already, therefore, forgotten how Sape looks like. But this guy Jerry Kamit is a hero. He changed my mind of Sarawak's traditional music. Dont' believe it, try open up the speakers and play the following audio.
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