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COVER3 V6 "SOS"微诗琳

COVER3 V6 "SOS is a slimming product with innovation from japan biotechnology. Aside of its benefits, it is effective in suppressing appetite. After taken this with cover3v6 colagen for 2 weeks now, i feel slimmed down and eating portion has been reduced. i strongly recommend this product to those people who are like me - no discipline in exercising. it is not so expensive and has no yoyo effect. taking both products together will make one properly slimmed down but not too skinny. Attentiveness is better as compared to before and less subject to sickness due to the antiobiotics ingredients.

interested? please drop me an email for more review - i know that certain people are not so into this and preferred workouts. As time is all jammed pact , we need to rest and to take time to exercise regularly is a pain for me.

i have tried numerous slimming products, pills and even visited Unisense. this is the fastest effect i can gain and positive advantage is that it doesn't make the face look pale and starve u to death.


All woman should try this out. interested please drop me an email :

Quote from

1 High in vitamin C, antioxidant (50% higher than strawberry)
2 High in dietary fiber,control blood sugar
3 Prevent damage to cell membranes by neutralizing free radicals
4 Rich in anthocyanins, keep eyes bright
5 Inhibit cancer cell proliferation and tumor formation-colon
6 Good cleanser for toxic in body
7 Produce alkaline reaction to body
8 Reduce risk of heart disease, inhibit arteriosclerosis (hardening of artery)
9 Anti-aging
10 Regulate menstrual period
How to improve our Health?
Cover3 V6 contains combination of raspberry, 3 billion lactospore and plant collagen, which can effectively enhance body system, repair and restore body cellls.

Improve skin elasticity, firmer, reduce fine lines, wrinkle, produce even toned skin, achieve radiant complexion, youth, reduce pigmentation, whitening, retain moisture, smoothen skin, reduce stretch mark.

Digestive system
Enriched with 3 billion lactospore, hawthornberry. Lactospore in spore form, stable for all condition : high temperature /low pH, help to reduce constipation, improve poor digective function, remove unwanted substances from colon, prevent obesity, reduce the growth of bad bacteria, prevent and improve lactose intolerance, reduce bad breath,
body odor and intestinal gas.

Soy extract contain active ingredient called isoflavonoid. It is likely to human estrogen therefore it is also called phytoestrogen. Because of its estrogenic compound, it helps to reduce menopausal symptoms, prevent osteoporosis and joint problem.

Raspberry is very rich in anthocyanins, this active gives the red color to the fruit. also rich in vitamin A, help to keep eyesight brighter.

Immune system
Spirulina rich of multivitamin and multimineral. It helps to increase the immune system. Is a natural cleasing and detoxification, high in iron, B complex.

Bones,teeth, hair, nails
Protein is the major food source from which nails, muscles,hair and skin, teeth are built. Combination of these ingredients help to enhance the growth of bones, teeth, hair, nails.
Cover3V6 contain high protein, the organic soya is peeled off soya bean powder, therefore it can reduce uric acid problem.

Blood vessel and heart
Raspberry contain very high antioxidant. Also rich in soluble fiber like brown rice, oat and barley. High in antioxidant prevent our cells from oxidation and attack from free radicals. High antioxidant restore and strengthen blood vessel, improve heart restoration function and delay aging. Soluble fiber helps to lower cholesterol.

The beauties, de winner

Every woman has her own beauty. it must be real difficult for them to win the title. congrats to all of them and wish them never be forgotten and treasured always
Miss Singapore Universe 2010


2011 Hot Mom is Heather L from Morristown, NJ!

Deborah Henry Crowned As New Miss Universe Malaysia 2011

Miss Tourism Beauty Contest 2011 which was held on 19 March 2011 at the Strand Hotel, Yangon. Model Khin Yu Pa (No:17) won the Miss Tourism 2011

Unduk Ngadau 2011 Beauty Contest in Sabah -

Miss Star Sarawak Beauty Pagent

2nd runner-up Karen Lugun Supermodel World Malaysia 2011

1st runner-up Gabrielle Boudville Supermodel World Malaysia 2011

Dayang Nur Atikah Is Supermodel World Malaysia 2011

Miss Cheongsam Charity 2011

Winner of Miss World Harvest Festival 2011

KUCHING: Noor Faizah Abdul Latif has been crowned as Miss Fitness Sarawak Plaza World

Ervita is Miss Sarawak Model of the World 2011

Kota Sentosa/Batu Tujuh Chinese Temple @ Kuching

Batu Lintang Chinese Temple @ Kuching

this is the location of the temple in batu lintang in Kuching.

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