Saturday, 6 February 2010

FW: She posted her pictures on Facebook and look what end up happening to her. (read first!!!)

Read first...

A reminder to those who are on facebook not to give too much of your personal details!!

OK this is all in Spanish so I'll tell the story quick. The girl in the picture posted the nice looking pictures on Facebook and of course she got like a million friend request she accepted all of them. One of the guys started asking her to meet up and I guess to have sex she deny him but since it was Facebook she had put all her info there too so he had her address phone number etc etc so he showed up at her place and then the last 4 pictures tell the story of what happen


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Hey Ladies, do you finger yourself well?

This awesome photo is from
Sorry for not updating my blog. I was sort of demotivated by the reward i received through blogging despite of the effort...

But i got to share this news with ladies all around the world.

AHEM.. especially those who are young and didn't know about ORGASM, and dedicated to my blog visitors of coz.. I may be the naive one but those of you who are already expert in this.. this post is not for you.

IS MASTURBATING or MAKING YOURSELF HIGH or FEMALE ORGASM a SIN? Do you feel guilty about having it too often? You should not feel so.

I just came across an article. very well written. In fact, i was searching for an answer to this since few years back. I didn't search this topic on purpose, just doing some readings as usual..

Quoting from Artists Cooperative Groove Union U.A. (2006), it says that ORGASM can make a woman slimmer, de-stress/RESET your system, prevent cancer, increase your memory. and ORGASM cannot be achieve via penetration itself. Fantasies, arousal, oral sex, fingering promotes ORGASM.

For those of you, if you are like me, who do not know this until today. You should try to have some intimate moments for yourself. Should not feel guilty for masturbating yourself and God creates this wonderful feeling for women with reason.
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